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The Risk Management Committee provides stand-alone and collaborative consultant services of providing information and increasing awareness of the importance of risk management in sport. We however step fully into the role of helping to plan, assess and manage risks for interested parties from local to provincial levels of sport. This could be sporting games & events, NGO-led walkathons or bike-a-thons, after-school sport programs etc.

We believe risk management is crucial in identifying injury-inducing risk factors and in the evaluation of the levels of risk associated with activities within an event. This can help determine steps to take in prevention or in response.

Our local risk management project raising awareness for helmet safety via a bike program for kids


We have thoughtfully organized two workshop programs to help bring awareness and proficiency when it comes to risk management. The first workshop being Injury Prevention, which is an important part of sport program planning. With a simple injury prevention measure, one can drastically reduce injury risks, individual costs, treatment and recovery drawbacks.

We also provide an all-encompassing risk management workshop to interested parties. This workshop goes beyond discussing prevention of injury risks. In our injury prevention workshop, we take precautionary steps targeting known risks. However, here we take a look at a continued role of risk identification, risk assessment, planning for newly identified risks, monitoring trigger conditions, establishing contingency plans, and regular risk reporting. We also take a step further, looking into damage, liability and insurance reservation.

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