For Immediate Release: 27 May 2013


Campaign to promote bike helmet use among children and youth

Injury prevention experts want young cyclists to ‘use their heads’ as they bike around city streets this summer. IMPACT, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Injury Prevention Program, the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba, and other community partners will be patrolling the streets in an effort to ‘catch’ children and youth wearing bike helmets this summer. Those who are caught using their helmet will receive rewards such as wrist bands or gift certificates and a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the season.

This is the fifteenth year Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba has been running the “We caught you using your head” campaign. “We are excited to be joined by some additional partners including IMPACT,” said Council Director, Craig Baker who is pleased the campaign is moving into high gear. “The public interest this year is amazing. Community leaders from across the city recognize the importance of making helmets part of a child’s biking routine.”

The campaign aims to make wearing a helmet routine for cyclists said Dr. Lynne Warda of IMPACT,who is also an Emergency physician at Children’s Hospital. “We want to see every cyclist in the habit of fastening a helmet for every ride, much like the way we buckle a seatbelt when in a vehicle. We see too many children injured because they weren’t wearing helmets or weren’t wearing them properly.”

Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities, Kevin Chief, applauded the campaign. “The safety of our children is critical,” said Kevin Chief, the MLA for Point Douglas. “This campaign is an excellent start as it will provide incentives for safe behavior and education to children and their families, while influencing them in a positive way.”

“We want to see Manitoba kids and youth stay active and safe by ensuring they wear a helmet while cycling,” said Jim Rondeau, Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs. “We’re happy to see this campaign launched as it will help raise awareness for bike helmet use and educate families on the importance of taking steps to keep kids safe.”

Partners for this year’s campaign include the North End Community Ambassadors, William Whyte Residents Association, Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg at Norquay Elementary School and The WRENCH.

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