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The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba Resource Library includes journals, textbooks, and videos. Loans from the library are open to the public on first-come, first-serve basis, with the SMSCM member associations receiving top priority. Material will be loaned out to a designated person and not to an organization, and any costs for courier service will be paid for by the borrower. Check regularly with the SMSCM for new resources.

Air Quality & Your Health

AQHI Ibook (ENG)


Weather Conditions & Your Health Ibook
Physical Literacy

Developing Physical Literacy – CS4L 


Resource Cards:


English:                                                       French:

Asthma Management (AQHI),              Gestion de l’asthme (CAS) (FR)

Concussion Guidelines (Parents & Coaches)

Concussion Management,                      Commotions Cérébrales – Que Faire? (FR)

Chewing Tobacco,                                    Tabac à chiquer (FR)

Emergency Treatment of Dental Injuries in Sport

Emergency Treatment of Eye Injuries In Sport


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA),               Arret cardiaque soudain (ACS) (FR)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video