Performance Enhancement Program (PEP)

Sport Manitoba, the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, Coaching Manitoba and the Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba have partnered for the development of a new provincial team program entitled the Performance Enhancement Program (PEP).

The Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba has taken over the majority of the administration of the Performance Enhancement Program.

Our mission is to support Provincial Teams in pursuit of performance and personal excellence. The performance Enhancement Program will assist teams to achieve optimal performance and personal development. We hope to be part of your team as your teams strive for personal best on the provincial and national stage.

The Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) also provides financial support for provincial team programs that are building ongoing relationships with sport science and medicine service providers. There have been numerous success stories over the past 4 years where programs have integrated such things as sport psychology, strength and conditioning, and nutrition into their programs.

To find out how PEP can assist you in growing your program, please contact the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba. We look forward to helping you and your athletes. Please forward this information to Coaches and Board Members working with your High Performance and Provincial Teams.

Program Goals

  • To develop an ongoing program that fosters the development of a yearly competition and training plan and the implementation of sport science and sport medicine support services that align with the program. Support service accessibility will be linked to a coach’s yearly planning instrument.
  • To increase awareness of the role that sport science and medicine can play in enhancing athlete and coach development.
  • To work with coaches and athletes in the application of sport science and medicine principles for their training programs in order to enhance sport-specific performance.


Types of Services

The Performance Enhance Program will assist in coordinator available services and service providers with Provincial teams. The Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba will act as the lead agency and be supported by Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, Coaching Manitoba and Sport Manitoba.

Identified experts working in the areas of applied sport science and sport medicine will be available to deliver sport specific workshops to recognized provincial team programs on a request basis.

Sport Medicine

Improving functional independence and physical performance in sport.


Injury Prevention

Through the combination of fitness testing, functional movement screens, biomechanical analysis, and strength and conditioning, athletes receive individualized programs that work with their functional strengths and weaknesses to prevent injury while preparing for competition or training during the off season.


Strength & Conditioning for High Performance Athletes

To achieve optimal physical readiness through various exercise methods.

Strength and conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes to prepare for performance. It includes a combination of strength training, speed and agility, plyometrics, core stability and energy systems development in order to optimize performance and function.


Fitness Testing

Fitness testing includes a variety of different sport-specific assessments, and can be used to establish baselines, monitor progress, and identify potential risks for injury.



Biomechanics applies the laws of motion and physics to human performance, and examines the forces acting on and within the body during movement. Biomechanics can be an essential tool for increasing performance by critically analyzing an athlete’s movement patterns, allowing for corrections and alterations in sport specific skills.

Study of the mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure. The use of filmed skill analysis is often used to determine the most efficient movements to be used by athletes or in rehabilitation settings.


Sport Physiology

Identifying, quantifying and modifying the physiological characteristics that contribute to performance in sport.


Sport Nutrition

To promote and support current, scientifically-based nutrition information as an integral part of optimal athletic performance and well-being.


Sport Psychology

The art and science of optimizing psychological effects, health, and performance. It involves the development of perspective, psychological skill and attributes to optimize preparation, focusing, team dynamics, training, recovery and injury rehabilitation.

To apply for funding, please fill out the Performance Enhancement Program Application Form and send to or drop off at 145 Pacific Ave. 2nd Floor room 207.