Return to sport during covid

The Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba recognizes the importance of physical fitness, activity and competition within all sports and recreation realms. However, our current return to sporting activities must be met with caution, and the responsibility of this caution lies with all involved.


Everyone must take on this responsibility: administrators, coaches, medical providers, parents, and of course the athletes. All those involved in activities should follow the following steps:

Continue to abide by provincial regulations and individual provincial sport organization procedures that have been submitted and approved by the Provincial Government. These include but are not limited to staying home when feeling ill, bringing your own water bottle, and maintaining social distancing where possible.

Continue to be informed by asking questions about proper procedures within your child’s or your own gym or sporting activities. Provincial sport organizations that have been approved to return will have detailed plans on their websites. You can also contact the organization directly if you have additional questions or would like clarification.

Understand that your actions have consequences beyond just yourself. Everything any member does away from their sport/team can affect their teammates, coaches and any staff involved. These actions also impact family members of those involved. It is important to keep yourself, as well as your teammates and family safe by adhering to the guidelines.

Safety in these situations relies on EVERYONE following the guidelines set out. All it takes is one person to bring COVID-19 into a group setting, such as a team or club. PLEASE DON’T BE THE ONE THAT RISKS THE SAFETY AND VIABLITY OF YOUR SPORT OR ACTIVITY!

Caring for yourself in this time of uncertainty

During difficult times such as these, we can be unsure of where to turn when we need help. The Sport Medical and Science Council of Manitoba wants you to know that there are practitioners currently working within all health professions that can assist with mental and physical health issues. There are strict guidelines that all clinics must follow in order to mitigate the risk within each of their settings for in person treatment. Some services can also be delivered virtually if preferred. Regardless of the method of delivery, sport medicine professionals are there to assist you should you have concerns. Please see contact the SMSCM for details on health care providers in your area.

Please visit the links below for up-to-date and accurate information about COVID-19:

Please be aware that Sport Manitoba is providing this information for your organization to take the appropriate steps in protecting your members, and to assist in any decision making related to sporting events, travel plans or your overall approach to preventing the potential spread of COVID-19.

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