Are you currently studying in the fields of sport science or sport medicine and looking for financial support?

A scholarship fund has been established by the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba to offer financial support and encourage innovative and relevant research projects that reflect the objectives and goals of the Council. The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba is a non-profit organization set up to meet the needs of Manitoba athletes and recreational participants at all levels. The council strives to promote the further education of its member groups in order to better aid Manitoba’s sport community.


The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba offers to provide 2 annual awards  $1000.00 ($500 Undergaduate, $500 Graduate) to promote the achievements and help further the education of our student member groups. The awards will be presented to a suitable candidate at the SMSCM Annual General Meeting by the President of the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba.


The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba Executive Committee will select 1 undergrad and 1 graduate student whom:

  1. Has achieved a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.5
  2. Undergrad student: who continues their program in the next ensuing regular academic session; Graduate student: that has been enrolled and completed 1 full-time year of study at the Masters level, or two years of part time study deemed equivalent to the 1 full-time year)
  3. Shows outstanding volunteer work related to sport medicine; has demonstrated a commitment to positively influencing sport participation in Manitoba athletes and the general sporting public.
  4. Displays an impressive extracurricular background related to sport medicine;
  5. Undergrad student: who displays competence and dedication to their field including professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment; Graduate student: who has involvement in research related experience congruent with the objectives and goals of the Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba.


Tenable at: This award is primarily intended for students enrolled in a University in the province of Manitoba. Special consideration may be given to an exceptional candidate registered in a Canadian university outside of Manitoba.


Students cannot win this scholarship two consecutive years in a row. Students should fill out this scholarship application and submit with a copy of their transcripts.


The application is to be sent to the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba office and the Selection Committee will select a winner.




Note: The transcripts for the 2019 spring semester may not be available by this time. Please send the latest copy of your transcript that is available.


Undergraduate Scholarship -2019

Graduate Scholarship – 2019

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