The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba (SMSCM) is a cooperative forum of medical, paramedical and sport science provider groups organized to meet the needs of Manitoba’s sport, recreation and fitness communities. The SMSCM is a collaboration of 14 professional groups who meet on a regular basis and consist of a board of directors and an executive committee.

The Sport Medicine & Science Council of Manitoba has four main committees which are the focus of our programs for sport. They consist of the Drugs in Sport Committee, Educations & Research Committee, Games & Events Committee, and Risk Management Committee.




In 1980, a group of sport medicine professionals were brought together by the Minister of Sport as an advisory council on Sport Medicine Policy and Procedures. In 1989, this Council with other sport representatives developed a constitution that is the basis for today’s Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba. The main purpose of the SMSCM is to facilitate and coordinate member associations in common endeavors in sport medicine and sport sciences such as conferences, symposia, research, and public education. Other objectives are to initiate and promote education and research programs related to the field of sport medicine and sport sciences and to establish guidelines designed to ensure high standards of care for sport participants.

The SMSCM Board of Directors determines policy and procedure and directs the activities of the Council in consultation with an Executive Committee. The SMSCM Executive is elected, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Drugs in Sport Chair and presently two Members-at-large. Each member group has one representative on the Council.


  • Holistic team approach
  • User driven
  • Uphold the highest professional standards of care and professionalism
  • Encourage and promote ethics and the appropriate standards in sport
  • Education of both the public and the sport community
  • Prevention and avoidance of injury
  • Excellence in the provision of Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba Services and programs
  • Financial responsibility

Key Strategies

  • To act as a cooperative forum of groups of medical, paramedical and sport scientists to meet the needs of Provincial Sport Organizations and sport and recreation participants
  • To promote and facilitate guidelines designed to ensure a high quality of medical and paramedical care for sport and recreation participants.
  • To promote education and research and related programs in the fields of sport medicine and sport sciences
  • To develop an information bank which can be used for the prevention and management of sport and recreation injuries and illnesses
  • To ensure the dissemination and availability of this information
  • To coordinate the activities of member associations in common endeavors in sport medicine and sport sciences
  • To coordinate provisions of medical and paramedical personnel drawn from its member organizations for the care of sport and recreation participants at sporting events
  • To provide a forum for the development of knowledge and professional skills in sport medicine and sport sciences
  • To coordinate in an effective and efficient manner the activities of the Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba


Board of Directors

Executive Committee & Board of Directors

PRESIDENT – Nina Williams – College of Registered Nurses
VICE PRESIDENT – Chris Adam – Doctors Manitoba
PAST PRESIDENT – Russ Horbal – School of Medical Rehabilitation (U of M)
TREASURER – Dr. Scott Leckie – Manitoba Dental Association
EDUCATION COMMITTEE CO-CHAIR –  Melissa Skrabek-Senecal – Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association
EDUCATION COMMITTEE CO-CHAIR – Dr. Ed Pilat – Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Sport Physiotherapy Canada – Sarah Bleichert

Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management (U of M) – Tracey Nyczai

Faculty of Kinesiolgy (U of W) – Ben Trunzo

Manitoba Chiropractic Association – Dr. Gord Partridge

Sport Psychology Manitoba – LindsayArnal

Manitoba Sport Nutrition Network – Janelle Vincent

Coaching Manitoba – Greg Guenther

Winner’s Foundation – Leanne Skitcko

Regional Health Authority – Eileen Vodden (Central RHA)

Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba – Doreen Bechtie

Sport Manitoba – Adam Decker

Executive Director (Staff) – Kerri-Ann Tyschinski